How It Works


Access your BI Portal on the go with the Metric Insights' mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Give your users an optimized experience for the journey they need to take with their BI on the mobile device. Brand and deploy the app within your organization, making use of your MDM platform.


Easily browse and search the BI Catalog on your mobile device. Embed or deep link into the underlying BI tool for any mobile optimized dashboards and reports that you want to analyze on the go.

Mobile Catalog

Portal Pages

Make your Portal Pages mobile optimized, to ensure they fit to the mobile device. Create a completely customized view for each of the personas in your organization to ensure they have the easiest experience consuming BI on the mobile device.

Mobile Portal Pages


Push alerts from your metrics and KPIs to the phone via the phone tray or sms. Link users back into the content within the app so that they can get further context on the go, ensuring no critical events are missed in the data.

Bursts & Digests

Reduce clutter in your email inbox and and access your distributions directly within the Metric Insights mobile app. Easily scan through a history of you distributions within the app inbox.

Mobile Bursts
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