How It Works

Persona-Optimized UI

To get end users fully engaged with BI, it is critical that they consume it in a way that is familiar, simple, and designed around their workflows. Metric Insights' BI Portal enables organizations to customize the user interface by role, to provide the most welcoming experience for end users.

Portal Pages

Portal Pages enable the creation of custom interfaces to support different persona journeys in the organization. Design welcome pages, mashup content from different tools, integrate custom navigation and global filters to ensure users have the easiest and quickest experience with their BI.


Supporting the corporate brand and making things look familiar to users is critical. The Metric Insights’ BI Portal can be branded to your organization by setting logos, colors, and fonts for each business unit.


The Metric Insights’ BI Portal is global platform that supports multiple languages. Languages can be preset for users and changed by the individual.

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