What is a BI Portal?

A Business Intelligence Portal is a technology that provides users with a single interface to discover and interact with all Analytics and Reporting assets in an enterprise. A BI Portal consolidates reporting across multiple BI Tools, provides unified report distribution and alerting, and streamlines and simplifies user interaction with Business Intelligence.

Metric Insights Portal Examples

Why do you need a BI Portal?

A BI Portal increases user engagement with analytics by providing the following benefits:

What are the components of an effective BI Portal Solution?

An effective Business Intelligence portal solution must provide the following key components:

What makes BI Portals effective?

To be effective, a BI portal must provide a simple and elegant user interface through which business users can quickly find and engage with useful analytics. The portal must save business users time and make analytics accessible and relevant.

To achieve this goal, the Business Intelligence Portal must be:

What are the most important features of a BI Portal?

While there are many features to consider when building or purchasing a Business Intelligence Portal, the following are the most important capabilities for a Enterprise-scale deployment:

How do BI Portals help with reporting governance?

Effective reporting governance is achieved using a BI Portal using the following capabilities:

How do BI Portals increase User engagement?

BI Portals are very effective at increasing business user engagement with analytics because they allow users to:

BI Usage

How do BI Portals save users time?

Without a BI Portal, business users are forced to spend time each day accessing multiple reports and dashboards to determine if there are any new trends in the data that require attention. A Business intelligence portal significantly reduces this time expenditure by:

How do BI Portals save analysts time?

BI analysts in most organizations spend 25 – 50% of their time answering routine inquiries from business users. A BI Portal provides a self-service platform to business users that enables them to answer many questions without analyst help thereby freeing up BI analysts to focus on high value analysis.

How do you calculate ROI for a BI Portal?

Return on investment for a Business Intelligence Portal can be generated by comparing the annual cost for the portal to savings generated through:

To learn more about calculating ROI, see our whitepaper

When should my company invest in a BI Portal?

Companies at every stage of the BI maturity lifecycle can benefit from deploying a BI Portal as an analytics platform. In more mature environments where there are hundreds or thousands of reports and dashboards across multiple tools, a Business Intelligence Portal can bring order to the chaos that users experience when they attempt to access content. For those less mature environments with less analytic content, a BI Portal affords the opportunity to do things efficiently from the start and avoid the mess that befalls all BI environments over time as more content is created across the enterprise. No matter where a company is in terms of its BI maturity, a BI Portal can drive increased usage of data analytics and better business decisions across the enterprise.

How do you go about implementing a BI Portal?

The most efficient approach to implementing a BI Portal at scale in an enterprise is to first start with a pilot deployment. Ideally, this pilot is geared towards a single business unit and has tightly focused scope to be completed in a short period of time. This implementation is typically performed by a central BI team and is used to develop standards and best practices which can then be leveraged in subsequent phases of the roll-out. After this initial implementation, other business units are on-boarded to the platform with the BI teams supporting those groups performing the implementation and the central team providing training and guidance as a “Center of Excellence”. For more information on effective deployment planning, see our whitepaper.

Why is Metric Insights the leading BI Portal?

Metric Insights is the only solution that delivers a comprehensive set of BI Portal capabilities that can be scaled for large enterprise deployments. Most BI Portal vendors provide a simple catalog that consolidates reporting and some vendors include basic usage tracking and governance capabilities. However, other vendors lack deep BI tool integration, KPI and Exception reporting functionality, and the robust toolkit needed to implement an effective portal. Only Metric Insights provides the full set of functionality required to fundamentally transform how business users engage with analytics across the entire enterprise.

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